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Waiting Room & Reception Chairs

UK Healthcare Chairs has an extensive range of reception and waiting room chairs for sale in a range of different styles, colours, and available in antibacterial vinyl or fabric, to satisfy every need. Whichever healthcare environment you need to furnish, our extensive range of options will be sure to fit the bill, and include waiting room sofas, tub chairs, modular reception chairs and other kinds of reception seats to meet your needs.

From GP surgery waiting room chairs to veterinary surgery waiting room chairs, or even salon waiting room chairs, our products are designed with you in mind. In high traffic areas such as these, reception seating must be attractive and comfortable, but also durable enough for any eventuality. Wipe clean reception chairs upholstered in health grade vinyl upholstery allow chair surfaces to be washable and wipeable, while health grade antibacterial fabrics are designed with an impermeable backing to allow washing and easy cleaning of the fabric. Both the vinyls and fabrics we offer contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

We will include free delivery on orders over £450 + VAT.

In order to make your patients and their relatives feel comfortable and welcomed, you want to be sure that you are choosing your chairs from the best source. UK Healthcare Chairs has provided furniture to the healthcare industry for many years, and our products are designed with that experience in mind so that they fit all the requirements asked of them. 

When considering what reception chairs would be right for you, you must consider who will be using them. For clinical waiting areas, your seating area will probably need to fulfil a variety of needs as the patients themselves will have different medical requirements. If you are looking for chairs for a vet’s practice, then anti-bacterial and anti-microbial vinyl covered beam seating will be ideal as the seats can be wiped down easily and will not retain animal hairs.

As in many healthcare settings, waiting rooms will need to accommodate patients of differing sizes and mobility. We can accommodate many such requests, for example, for older patients or those with mobility issues who have difficulty in returning to a standing position after being seated, you may need reception chairs that have arms like our Worsborough chair. But we also have more specialist chairs like our Windsor Bariatric Waiting Room chair which can be grouped together with other Windsor chairs in the same range to create a matching set for your waiting room.

Metal Frame Chairs

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Modular Reception Seating

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Tubs & Sofas

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Stacking Chairs

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When arranging seating for a waiting room or reception area in a medical environment there are many aspects that have to be considered, and one of the main details is the space available to you. Your reception or waiting area may be on the small side, it may be in a corridor, for example in a hospital, or there may be wildly different patient numbers expected at different times. All of these problems can be alleviated by having stackable chairs available when you are busy, as they can also be kept out of the way tidily when not required. 

Wooden Frame Chairs

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Requirements of Waiting Room Seating

If you would prefer to use traditional waiting room chairs, we have products like the Windsor armchair, but we also have modular reception seating like the BRS Box Reception Seating. These seats are cushioned upholstered sofa style seats that can be pushed together or separated as required. This means that they are ideal for individuals or when put together, patients can sit with their children, friend, or spouse. We also suggest having individual chairs so that people can sit alone if they want to. For example, reception tub seating like the Canterbury High Back Tub chair is a smart and stylish alternative.

The lower level chairs and benches are fine for most people, but for older or disabled patients you will need something more appropriate. For those with limited mobility or weaker lower limbs, we have chairs with arms and those that have higher seats to make rising from a sitting position a little easier. 

While you don’t expect your patients to be in the reception area for too long, sometimes this is unavoidable so we make sure that all our reception area chairs are comfortable for longer waiting times.

Occasionally, there is the need to have a larger chair because a patient is overweight and cannot fit in a narrower framed chair. We have a number of bariatric chairs for just this situation, most of which come with armrests to make it simpler to rise from. 

Alternative Coverings

In any healthcare setting, but most specifically in a high traffic area such as a reception or waiting room area, consideration must be given to the upholstery used on the chairs. You need durable fabric coverings, which of course we supply, as the waiting room furniture will need to put up with continued wear and tear, or one of our anti-bacterial vinyl coverings. 

A medical waiting area will need to be kept as clean as possible as you need to protect against germs. Our anti-microbial and anti-fungal vinyl waiting room chairs can be easily cleaned and are resistant to common stains, moisture and bacteria. Our wipeable reception chairs ensure that you can quickly and easily clean up any spillages which may occur, so that your reception area once again becomes a comfortable and pleasant place to wait.

Additionally, all of the vinyl coverings are treated so that they resist microbial growth; another way in which our specially designed chairs and coverings can combat the spread of infection and germs. Also, for most of the chairs, the wood used in our furniture, as well as being microbe-resistant, is made from hard woods from sustainable sources. 

What We Can Offer

Our expertise in supplying furniture to many healthcare environments including reception areas, means that we have designed our furniture for the specific needs of the healthcare sector. Our furniture is of excellent quality but also affordable, meaning you can be assured of comfort and style for many years in your reception and waiting room areas. 

It is easy to order online, but if you are unsure of the exact products you need, we would be more than happy to guide you through the process and discuss your requirements with you.