Bariatric Chairs

Bariatric Chairs For Hospitals, Waiting Rooms & NHS 

As the British population is continually getting taller and heavier, it is more important than ever to make sure the taller or larger client is accommodated when it comes to waiting areas and elsewhere in medical environments. This is particularly important for both the safety and comfort of the person concerned.

Bariatric chairs are larger than average chairs and our bariatric chairs for sale are able to cope with a heavier load; some are suitable for a seated weight of up to 50 stone. It can be difficult for a larger person if the only waiting room chairs supplied are too small or fragile to take their frame, and the last thing you need is for anyone to get stuck in a chair with armrests. The type of medical environment you are in can determine how many you will need amongst the standard seating, so an average view of your patient population should tell you how many you should budget for at any one time.

If you are looking for bariatric waiting room chairs as part of your hospital seating, NHS or private clinic, you have come to the right place. UK Healthcare Chairs can supply you with a range of different bariatric seating whatever your requirements.

Bariatric Seating UK

Whether you are looking for bariatric chairs for waiting areas, patient rooms, or wards, we have a range of alternatives that will suit those situations. If you are sourcing bariatric chairs for the NHS we have suitable seating that meets NHS specifications like the Cambridge Bariatric Chair with arms.  The fabrics and vinyl can be supplied in anti-bacterial versions, and the wood is treated with Medicoate Lacquer which inhibits microbial growth, making it perfect for infection-control areas.

The issue with the larger patient is often with the positioning of the arms on a standard chair. Our bariatric armchairs have a wider seat so that this is less of an issue, but also some have a shallower seat which enables someone of a larger size to be able to get out of it more easily. Sometimes, whether because of their weight or age, it can be difficult for a larger person to have enough strength in their arms to push themselves to a standing position. And this becomes even more difficult if the seat is low to the floor, so we have a range of bariatric armchairs that have a higher seat to aid this. For example, the previously mentioned Cambridge Chair comes in three seat heights, and the Kirby Bariatric Operator Chair,  has a high seat and is suitable for a weight of up to 30 stone.

If you want to err on the side of caution, we also supply bariatric waiting room chairs with no arms at all, like the Paladin Bariatric Chair which is certified for loads of up to 50 stone.

Call us now on 033 01340284 as whatever your requirements are, we can supply suitable chairs to meet and even exceed them.