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Care Home & Nursing Home Chairs

When it comes to choosing furniture for your care home, you want to be sure that you are selecting from the best options available. As a well-established and leading supplier of care home furniture, we aim to satisfy all our customers' needs. The uncompromising care home furniture manufacturers that we are partnered with are based in the UK, and we pride ourselves on our products being of excellent design and durability. Many of the same chairs are supplied to contract settings and can be found in our hospital chairs range.

We understand that the elderly and those requiring assisted living furniture invariably have different requirements from younger or more able-bodied people. Their range of movement and flexibility is often restricted, and care home furniture that adapts to those requirements is imperative. Choosing care home chairs is important, as you should ensure you are providing the right level of support for residents.

Some care environments may also require tougher furniture, suitable for challenging behaviours for example, and we have a section for mental health furniture which includes seating built for safety and durability in these settings.

Unfortunately, as we age our muscles have a tendency to become weaker. This can lead to slouching, slipping down, or leaning when sitting in a chair, and may result in a position that can quickly become uncomfortable. If this sitting position is maintained, it can make it harder to get out of the chair again as joints become restricted and stiff. Continued incorrect posture can also exacerbate physical problems like balance and flexibility. As well as these, poor seating choices and also incorrect posture can result in difficulties with breathing so it is important that nursing home chairs are up to the job.

Care Home Lounge Chairs

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Care Home Sofas

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Care Home Dining Chairs

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Easy Clean Dining Armchairs

As experienced suppliers of care home and medical environment furniture, we understand the importance of hygiene when it comes to chairs. Our range of antibacterial chairs are available in a variety of fabrics and vinyls that allow choice in design while also making cleaning easy and preventing the spread of infection in areas where patients might be more fragile. If you wish to review a fabric before finalising a purchase, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team.

Comfy Dining Chairs with Arms

When dining, elderly or disabled individuals require comfort and support like any other person. Providing comfortable dining chairs with arms will help them not only with sitting down and raising up again, but also support while dining. For those where more width is required, we also offer a wide range of dining chairs without arms to restrict movement. 


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While considered thought must be given to care home chairs that cater for both relaxation and support, aesthetics are also important. To this end, our chairs also come in a range of fabrics and vinyls to match and blend in with a whole host of colour schemes. As an aside, if you are considering clients with restricted vision, we recommend contrasting fabrics and highly patterned ones specifically to aid visibility for someone with poor eyesight.

Our range of residential home furniture also includes items suitable for dementia sufferers. Many strong patterns and vivid colours can cause concern for some with dementia. We can supply vinyls and fabrics that are plain or have subtle colouring to avoid causing confusion to these patients; these antimicrobial vinyls and fabrics contain incontinence proof properties for cleanliness and hygiene purposes. It also goes without saying that our dementia furniture is made to the same high standard as our other items, resulting in strong, durable products.

Make sure that you think about the comfort of your chairs if you are buying chairs for a care home. It is important to ensure that the chairs you have in your care home offer the right support for your residents. This will mean you are providing the right level of healthcare support for your residents and could help to reduce pain. Consider everything from the type of fabric for your chairs and also which manufacturer you are using when buying care home chairs. If you are unsure about which chair you need, you can get in touch with our expert team for advice on 033 01340284. We provide fast delivery on a range of our chairs.