When considering seating for nursing or retirement homes, it is important that the correct chairs are provided so that your clients and patients are comfortable, and the addition of a footstool can help with that. However, depending on the health issues of those who will be using this furniture, footstools may in fact be an essential addition. If patients are suffering from varicose veins or have circulatory problems or back issues, then a footstool is necessary for them to help alleviate some of their symptoms. As we age we also shrink, and some people may find that it is no longer possible to reach the floor with their feet if they are sitting right back into a chair. Providing footstools for care homes mean that the residents can sit back properly in their chairs without slouching and causing further health issues, as it will reduce pressure on their back and spine. 

We have a range of footstools for care homes that will fit in with many different types of decor, and they can be ordered in a variety of different anti-microbial fabrics and vinyl. As well as our products that are available in a range of heights, in order to ease muscle activity around the spine and reduce pressure on lumbar discs we also have adjustable footrests like this adjustable leg rest, which can be adjusted to a number of positions.