Chairs For The Elderly

Chairs For Elderly

UK Healthcare Chairs is an established online healthcare furnishing company specialising in the sale and supply of chairs for the elderly to care homes, hospitals, day centres and other healthcare facilities across the UK.

For the elderly, or for disabled people, it can become increasingly difficult or impossible to use standard seating. We offer a wide choice of chairs for the elderly to buy in 2024 with our new range of furniture - which includes orthopedic chairs, fireside chairs, high seat chairs, and waterproof chairs with wipeable vinyl upholstery - all of which are designed to offer additional support, modifications and comfort for the elderly. Ways to overcome these problems can range from changing the technique of sitting to standing, to more complex solutions requiring supportive seating with integral pressure relief cushioning, which can also assist carers.

The ideal chair for an elderly person provides good head support, with padded seat and back, enabling the user to be sitting upright whilst chatting, watching television, reading, or enjoy other activities. For seniors, the right chair can also improve safety around the home by decreasing the risk of falls. It is vital that any chair designed for the elderly allows them to safely sit and stand with any support or modifications that may be required in order to reduce the risk of such falls and injuries. The issue with standard seating is that it often does not meet these requirements. Our selection of chairs includes stocked fast delivery high back chairs with solid wood frame, high backrest, and ergonomic design, helping to provide maximum comfort for elderly people.

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Many older people find they have a difficult time sitting down on furniture or standing back up due to stiffness, pain or dizziness. Simple activities like sitting and standing which, most people take for granted can become a strenuous task for the elderly. Adding a lift or motion chair to an elderly person's home can help them to still enjoy sitting in a comfortable, attractive chair without having to struggle to lower themselves into it or get on their feet after use. A variety of recliner or riser chairs for the elderly with motorized tilt functions can provide the support required.

High back chairs for the elderly can help seniors remain independent for longer and provide their families and caregivers peace of mind, knowing that they have taken steps to lessen the likelihood of falls. 

In many cases, high backed chairs tend to be the most comfortable chairs for the elderly thanks to the additional head support they allow. We offer a variety of styles of comfortable chairs for the elderly and can deliver directly to the intended user's home to ensure they receive the right healthcare support.

We provide a wide range of different style high seat chairs to make sure that we suit the needs of the elderly. Our chairs are available in a wide range of different colours and fabrics to make sure that they fit in with the style of your care home or hospital. We also have a number of chairs for the elderly that are available for fast delivery so you can receive them with a quicker delivery, normally 5-7 days. A wide range of chairs are available online at different price points to ensure that we provide healthcare chairs that meet your individual budget. Also be sure to check your delivery options when ordering a chair to ensure that you can receive the chair to your address. For more specialised chairs you can browse our range of hospital chairs.

If you are looking to buy an chairs for an elderly person think about comfort first. Furniture that does not give enough support to the spine should not be purchased. Starting from the type of fabric used to manufacture the furniture to the sturdiness of the furniture. Browse our ranges of orthopaedic chairs for the elderly and find the perfect chair for your space. Or why not call us on 033 01340284 if you have any questions. One of our expert team will be able to offer advice and ensure that you choose the right chair for your space.