Chairs With Arms

Fireside Chairs & Chairs With Arms

Ageing usually comes with reduced body flexibility and strength which makes it difficult to sit and stand up from a low position with ease. The muscles in the arms grow weaker with time and can come under great stress when they are put to work with short armless chairs, or low chairs. By choosing appropriate armchairs for the elderly, you can help movement in and out of the chair and increase comfort. 

UK Healthcare Chairs provides a wide selection of chairs for the elderly that can help make it easier for seniors to sit safely. Our ranges include cheap high back chairs for the elderly, through to mid-range and more expensive chairs, all in a large variety of colours and sizes.

Fireside chairs, as the name suggests, are traditionally suited to being placed alongside the fireplace to assist with warmth and comfort, and can be grouped in pairs to create a place of rest for two people alongside the fire. Our range of fireside chairs for the elderly, include Queen Ann leg chairs, and wing chairs, providing a wide choice of seating options, delivering comfort, quality, and a caring service to our customers.

Our collection armchairs and fireside chairs has been providing back-care support for our many customers, and includes a range of medium and high wing back and orthoepedic chairs for the elderly.

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