Hospital Ward Chairs

With the different issues of both patients and visitors in a hospital, you need many varied hospital chairs to cope with their disparate needs.

As mentioned, visitors will need a comfortable chair for a few hours, but will probably not require specific medical furniture. However, the patients will undoubtedly have flexibility or mobility issues. It may only be temporary, but patients will need additional help while they are in the hospital. It is useful to consider each type of chair as it may make the difference to overall health and well-being.

When comfort is essential, particularly for patients that have back issues, our high back patient chairs fit the bill perfectly. If the back of a chair is low, then the amount of back support it provides is also low. The patient could have weakness because of previous back issues or because of recent surgery. Either way it means that they would benefit from a hospital chair that extends up to and past the neck. Even if they relax, the shape of the chair will cushion their spine and allow them to sit in a neutral and natural position.

For areas that have high traffic or are subject to spillages, you will need to choose a class of patient chair that can be easily wiped clean. We have a range of coverings for our chairs, including anti-microbial and anti-bacterial fabrics or vinyls. These are specifically designed to conform to cleanliness standards, and also come in a variety of colours to ensure they complement any decor.

Many of our chairs are also available with a range of optional extras in the form of upholstered arms and filled sides. This means that for those patients with weaker legs, the upper body can be used to assist them to a standing position.

Other useful additions to our range of hospital style chairs are our high seat chairs. As well as the elderly and those with back issues, anyone with knee problems can also find it almost impossible to rise from a normal height chair. With a higher than normal seat, and the option to include arm rests, these high seat chairs are the ideal companion for those who find it difficult to get back to a standing position again.

Like the high back chairs, they have the added bonus of being even easier to get out of when fitted with a choice of arms.

We are a valued provider of healthcare furniture to the NHS, and as such can accommodate all your medical requirements. Our full range includes specific NHS patient chairs and general NHS furniture that exceed specifications. Alternatively, if you have a patient who has been discharged from hospital or is elderly, you might be looking for hospital chairs for home. In that case, we also have a range to suit most needs.

Take a look at our range of hospital chairs for sale, one is sure to be the exact fit for your requirements.