Beam Seating

It is important that waiting room chairs in medical environments provide appropriate seating for customers. Patients may be unwell, or not able to stand for long periods of time, and sufficient seating is essential for their well-being. In other busy areas such as veterinary waiting rooms, clients may not mind standing, but there will be a much better atmosphere and acceptance of any delay if there is adequate seating which is comfortable.

One solution for this is beam seating as it is space-saving and very durable. At UK Healthcare Chairs we source all our products from the best beam seating manufacturers in the UK, and can supply them in a range of colours, types and materials to suita a variety of needs. A number of our beam seating units have been specified in secure institutions such as prisons, along with prison grade upholstered Crib 7 chairs which we also supply. Whether you are looking to fit as many seats as possible in a small space, or you want to use beam seating chairs in bright colours to lift the mood of your waiting room, we can supply it all. 

Beam Seating for Areas of High Traffic

If your waiting area has a high throughput of clients or patients, or is generally in a high-traffic area, you need sturdy and durable seating like our metal beam seating options. Our Samson Beam Seating With Arms for example, has a very robust metal structure with sloping arms. Most of our beam seat ranges can be ordered with additional tables and in collections of 2, 3, or 4 seats, so you can have the perfect number for your requirements. This makes these seats very versatile and suitable for any size of waiting area or other public environment.

Beam Seating for Infection-control Areas

When considering seating for areas that need to be kept scrupulously clean, the covering and material that they are made from must be easy to disinfect. Our chairs come in a variety of materials including vinyl or wood, both of which can be wiped down easily. There is no need to worry about fire risk with our wooden beam seating as all of our wood products meet fire retardancy requirements.

For instance, our Versit Poly 50/50 Seat With Vinyl Seat is made from a very sturdy steel frame, but has a plastic back and vinyl beam seating. Both of these can be cleaned quickly and efficiently to maintain the high standards of hygiene that are needed in medical environments.

Space-saving Beam Seating

If you struggle to find waiting room and reception chairs for compact areas like corridors or small spaces, beam seating chairs are an ideal solution. Our beam seating manufacturers take space into consideration when creating our chairs and we have many that could be utilised in small waiting areas. For instance, the Prima Tip Up Beam Seating which has chairs that tip up for extra space when they are not in use.

Although this type of seat does need to be fixed to the floor, this again is ideal for situations where space is at a premium as there is no need for the base to be large enough to stabilise the seating. This tip-up seating can be much neater when not in use, making it suitable for occasional seating requirements in places that can become congested.

Whatever seating you require for your waiting room or occasional seating areas, our beam seating can fit the bill. Whether you prefer it with fabric coverings, or with vinyl for occasional spills, one of our large range of seats with alternate sizes will be ideal for your requirements. Call us, UK Healthcare Chairs, on 033 013 40284 now to see how we can help you.