Medical Recliner Chairs

Getting up from a chair requires a surprising amount of strength, something the young and agile take for granted. As we get older, increasing strain on our lower backs makes it more and more difficult to get into and stand up from a seated position. Muscles, tendons and generally strong bones are all important for pushing our bodies upright, all things that tend to weaken as we grow frail. While we cannot restore this strength, choosing the right kind of chairs and furniture can make this problem a lot easier in medical environments like care homes, clinics and other NHS settings, where comfort is key.

Medical recliner chairs are also ideal for those suffering from restricted mobility due to conditions or impairments such as Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or Motor Neurone disease. By choosing a chair that offers alternative seating positions you are able to reduce the risk of secondary medical problems that arise from prolonged sitting such as pressure sores.

Electric Recliner Chairs

Electric chairs (both reclining and rising) make the task of getting up a lot easier. Reclining and rising chairs ease the stress that usually occurs on the spine as a person gets older, helping to push the person into a standing position. A reclining chair also provides the right kind of support for users with restricted mobility while seated, letting them relax their muscles and joints in the correct way.

Hospital Recliner Chairs 

Electric recliners can be the perfect solution in hospitals, particularly when you have patients staying in for long periods. They allow patients the opportunity to get out of bed with the support they need, whilst promoting independence. Nurses often spend lots of time helping patients in and out of hospital chairs and these valuable pieces of equipment can often help free up staff for other important tasks.

Frail patients sitting in and attempting to get up from improper chairs that do not provide adequate support can cause complications such as pain, backache and even falls. This is why you should think carefully when choosing recliner chairs for hospitals or care homes.

Hospital recliner chairs are also the perfect choice for care homes, as they will offer the proper support for your elderly residents and ensure they are comfortable while seated. With many of your residents, you may find that their joints can go stiff while seated for long periods of time and they will often need help or intervention when standing up. With a motorised chair or electric recliner, your residents can be more mobile and independent, leaving your carers free to focus on other responsibilities.

Reclining Seating  

With UK Healthcare Chairs, you can provide freedom, support and comfort, without compromising on style. We offer a selection of quality UK-manufactured recliner chairs, both manual and electric, as well as many additional specialist chairs providing care homes and nursing homes with various options for users with restricted mobility. We also stock NHS-specification recliner chairs popular for hospital patients within wards. 

Many of our chairs come in a variety of different colours, which means that we can provide furniture that suits your space. We can also provide vinyl and fabric sample cards on request so you can see exactly what the options look and feel like. We offer quick delivery on a range of our chairs.

Explore our wide range of medical recliner chairs today. If you can’t find the right chair or need advice on how to make a choice that will suit your needs then make sure you get in touch with us, our team will be happy to help. Call us today on 033 013 40284.