Stacking Chairs

As one of the leading suppliers of stacking chairs in the UK, we have a wide range of chairs for waiting rooms in the healthcare industry as well as veterinary waiting rooms. If your reception area is very compact, we have chairs to match, like the Titan+ Antibacterial Chair, which can be stacked neatly away and also comes in junior sizes. These types of stacking chairs are ideal for an environment that has a great deal of passing traffic, but where it is necessary to conform to rigorous cleanliness standards. They are treated with an antibacterial additive and as such can kill 99.9% of bacteria coming into contact with them. If larger stackable chairs are required, then we also have very sturdy Spritz Stacking Chairs, or ones with arms for extra comfort like the F1BARMS Chair. Our stacking chairs come in a range of fabrics and vinyls to fit your decor as well as being durable and easy to clean.
When arranging seating for a waiting room or reception area in a medical environment there are many aspects that have to be considered, and one of the main details is the space available to you. Your reception or waiting area may be on the small side, it may be in a corridor, for example in a hospital, or there may be wildly different patient numbers expected at different times. All of these problems can be alleviated by having stackable chairs available when you are busy, as they can also be kept out of the way tidily when not required.