Metal Frame Chairs

When fitting out a waiting room in a hospital or other healthcare environment, you will need  to take into account the types of patients and their families that you will be providing a service for. Our extensive range of furniture caters for a vast number of alternative health issues and conditions to make sure your clientele is as comfortable as possible. Our range of metal frame chairs in particular can be very useful in a healthcare setting as they are sturdy, can be easily kept clean, and are suitable for high traffic areas. If your waiting room is small or you need chairs to be kept in a corridor or other area with limited space, then many of our chairs with metal frames can be stacked so that you can keep them out of the way when they are not required. If you require permanent fixed chairs then beam seating is an ideal solution for corridors and waiting rooms in surgeries, clinics and hospitals.

Our range of metal frame chairs can be fitted with an array of different fabrics and vinyl coverings so that they can match the ambience and decor of your particular premises. As many areas in a healthcare environment, particularly a hospital, experience heavy traffic but are required to match high standards of cleanliness, our metal leg chairs are very easy to keep clean and most of our coverings are antibacterial to help with this. Our ranges of metal frame waiting room chairs are also very versatile, and include, for example the Redding Reception Seating, which can be supplied with or without arms, or as a double-seater with arms, enabling a number of chairs to be put together as part of a suite.