Tubs & Sofas

Tub Chairs & Sofas

For waiting room areas, tub chairs provide a more compact version of an armchair, giving your clientele the lumbar support they need to sit comfortably while taking up less room. Designed to emulate a bathtub, hence the name, the rounded back and arms keep your body in a natural position while giving a stylish look to your waiting area. If you would prefer sofas for your reception rooms, we have a range that is equally as comfortable and it is possible to mix and match them with our tub chairs for flexibility. 

If you are looking for tub chairs for waiting areas, then we can provide a large variety of alternative designs, which can be provided in different fabrics and vinyl so that they match the decor of your establishment. Vinyl waiting room chairs such as these are perfect for high traffic areas or areas that need to be kept clean as they can be easily wiped down and disinfected while still maintaining their stunning looks. For example, our Grosvenor Tub Seat range has single chairs and matching two-seater sofas for a varied look to your waiting room, while allowing patients and family to sit together if required.