Piano Modular Seating System

Piano Modular Seating System

Piano Modular Seating System
Piano - Roomshot with Optional Chrome Legs
Piano - Roomshot With Optional Chrome Legs

Piano Modular Seating System

The Piano Modular Seating System is a comfortable and compact range creating a welcome reception or stylish breakout space. The system allows you to create versatile options as the range comes without arms, with arms, left arm only or right arm only, with and without backs, and has the option to link together to create stability and also power module options of 13 amp socket and twin USB charging outputs. The range has solid beech frames with deep cushioned seats and can be upholstered in a range of health grade vinyls and fabrics with black legs - other leg options available please contact the office. The seating is ideal in a number of healthcare settings including reception areas, waiting rooms, relaxed meeting rooms and other medical environments such as training centres and break out areas. 5 year manufacturer guarantee. Dual fabric/vinyl upholstery available - prices on request. Power Module - Ellio 90mm Dia, panel mounted power module - UK 13 amp plus triple USB fast charging fitted in the unders eat, front panel right hand side as viewed unless otherwise requested.
Perfectly matched coffee tables are also available see related items.
Table Dimensions: PN11- 5500mmw x 550mmd x 715mmh/ PN12 - 1100mmw x 550mmd x 715mmh

(Links can be added to units to secure units together. Links are sold in pairs, and one pair will fix two units together. However the links are permanent fixed links added at the point of manufacture. Units with fixed links can be separated to stand alone but the link will show on the outside of the unit. If you require links we will normally request a layout diagram showing where links are required on each unit eg. right side of unit, left side of unit, both sides of unit etc..)

  • Piano Modular Soft Seating System
  • Ideal For Surgery Waiting Rooms, Reception Areas, Hospitals, Healthcare Clinics, NHS & Medical Environments Etc..
  • Choice Of Anti-Microbial Fabrics & Vinyls
  • Black Legs As Standard. Other Frame Options Available - Please Contact The Office
  • Vinyl & Fabric Sample Cards Available On Request
  • All Chair Components Meet Relevant Fire Retardancy Requirements & Are Suitable For Severe Contract Use
  • 1, 2 & 3-Seater Sofa Unit With Arms Available
  • Available With Arms, With A Right Arm, Left Arm Or Without Arms
  • (Arms Are Shown When Seated, For Example PN1AR Is Modular Seat With Right Arm When Seated)
  • Variety Of Corner Units & Table Options
  • Push Individual Chairs Together To Form A Suite
  • Optional Links Can Be Added At Point Of Manufacture - See Note In Bold Above
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
  • View All Reception Chairs

Vinyl/Fabric Sample Cards Available By Post - Recommended . (Please call 033 013 40284 or email your request).

Manufacturers Guarantee 5 Years

Delivery Normally 2-4 Weeks

Choose your vinyl or fabric range by clicking here - (for each different range, colour options will change at the bottom of the page)
Products Overall Height (mm)  Overall Width (mm)  Overall Depth (mm)  Seat Height (mm)   Price each
(excl VAT)
PN1 Piano Modular Chair Without Arms
Product Code: HC4433
810 670 715 450 £305.00
PN2 Piano Modular 2 Seater Sofa Without Arms
Product Code: HC4436
810 1340 715 450 £465.00
PN3 Piano Modular 3 Seater Sofa Without Arms
Product Code: HC4439
810 1840 715 450 £675.00
PN1AR Piano Modular 1 Seat Right Arm Only
Product Code: HC4442
810 800 715 450 £395.00
PN1AL Piano Modular 1 Seat Left Arm Only
Product Code: HC4446
810 800 715 450 £395.00
PN2AR Piano Modular 2 Seat Right Arm Only
Product Code: HC4448
810 1455 715 450 £545.00
PN2AL Piano Modular 2 Seat Left Arm Only
Product Code: HC4453
810 1455 715 450 £545.00
PN3AR Piano Modular 3 Seat Right Arm Only
Product Code: HC4454
810 1945 715 450 £745.00
PN3AL Piano Modular 3 Seat Left Arm Only
Product Code: HC4458
810 1945 715 450 £745.00
PN1A Piano Modular Chair With Arms
Product Code: HC4460
810 900 715 450 £475.00
PN2A Piano Modular 2 Seater With Arms
Product Code: HC4463
810 1570 715 450 £625.00
PN3A Piano Modular 3 Seater With Arms
Product Code: HC4466
810 2070 715 450 £825.00
PN31 Piano 1 Seater Bench
Product Code: HC4469
450 670 715 450 £220.00
PN32 Piano 2 Seater Bench
Product Code: HC4472
450 1340 715 450 £325.00
PN4 Piano Corner Seat
Product Code: HC4475
810 715 715 450 £425.00
PN5 Piano 90 Degree Corner Bench
Product Code: HC4478
450 715 715 450 £255.00
PN6 Piano White Laminate Table
Product Code: HC4481
430 715 715 £225.00
PN7 Piano 45 Degree Internal Corner
Product Code: HC4484
810 1190 715 450 £495.00
PN8 Piano 45 Degree External Corner
Product Code: HC4487
810 1190 715 450 £445.00
PN9 Piano 45 Degree Corner Bench
Product Code: HC4490
810 1190 715 450 £375.00
Optional Extras
Polished Beech Legs Per Unit
Product Code: HC4507
Power Module 1 Power Per Unit
Product Code: HC4508
Pair Of Permanent Fixed Links (One Pair Connects Two Units)
Product Code: HC9210
4 x Industrial Strength Castors 2 x Manually Applied Brakes 2 x Without
Product Code: HC4843
Chieftain Just Colour Vinyl Colours
Order free vinyl or fabric sample cards

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Free delivery for all orders over £450+VAT.

Delivery £29+VAT for all orders under £450+VAT.

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